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Our Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy

"We are committed to satisfying our customers by providing credible, consistent, and efficient operation and professional services."

We are also committed to ensuring impartiality in the prov🌺ision of our services. As such, we ensure that commercial, financial or other pressures do not influence the delivery of ou𒁃r services and decision making.

We are committed to safeguarding the confidentiality of information obtained or created during the course of our delꦺivery of certification, insp🌠ection, testing, validation/verification and related services. 

We shall implement measures to ensure that all personnel including stakeholders and business associates abide by these confidentiality requirements.

Our Quality Objectives

  • To ensure certification, inspection and testing services provided comply with the applicable Standards and Guides and any other requirements of accreditation bodies.
  • To meet customer requirements.
  • To maintain and enhance competency of personnel through training.
  • To inculcate understanding among employees that quality is everybody’s responsibility and require their total involvement and commitment.
  • To ensure that all employees are familiar with the quality documentation and implement the policies and procedures in their work.
  • To enhance overall services quality through continual improvement.
  • To ensure impartiality of services through periodic review of the controls in place

Gift Policy

SIRIM is committed to conducting our business to the highest standard of integrity and good governance. SIRIM has established this Gift Policy to ensure that SIRIM Citizens stringently comply with SIRIM Group Code of Business Ethics in giving, receiving or accepting gifts both within and outside of the work premises.
SIRIM Gift Policy r𝔍equires SIRIM Citizens to demonstrate the highest standard of et🅘hics and conduct in all matters when dealing with third parties, to maintain ethical work and business relationships and to avoid any conflicts of interest or the appearance of a conflict of interest.

SIRIM Citizens shall not directly or indirectly give, receive or accept any gifts.

SIRIM Gift Policy is to be read together with SIRIM Group Code of Business Ethics and the Anti-Bribery Policy. Any violation of this Gift Policy shall constitute violation of the SIRIM Group Code of Business Ethics and the Anti-Bribery Policy.

INTEGRTIY…We practice the highest standards of integrity

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