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Oil, Gas & Energy

Oil, Gas & Energy

The oil, gas, and energy sector is pivotal for global economic and social development and will continue to be so in the future. However, the reliance on fossil fuels has led to significant environmental harm, prompting stringent regulations.Companies involved in hydrocarbon exploration and downstream processing are under pressure to seek alternative production methods and minimize their environmental impact. Similarly, organizations engaged in mining and metal processing face scrutiny due to concerns about worker safety.These operations are highly energy-intensive and generate substantial toxic waste, necessitating a focus on ecological safety and sustainability to maintain competitiveness. The future development of industries will heavily rely on renewable energy technologies.In this context, SIRIM QAS International offers eco-friendly voluntary certifications aimed at enhancing the environmental sustainability of businesses involved in the extraction and processing of primary resources. These certifications not only aid in attracting new customers and entering overseas markets but also appeal to socially responsible investors seeking to support ecological sustainability.

Let SIRIM QAS International help your business to:

  • Reduce waste by-products in operations and processing.
  • Improve “green” reputation amongst competitors.
  • Help you win new customers.
  • Gain access to new market overseas.
  • Attract socially responsible investors (SRIs) keen to invest in companies that support ecological sustainability.

We offer the following services to organisations in the Oil, Gas and Energy sector:

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