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Batch Certification Scheme

Batch Certification Scheme

Get your imported electrical products certified with Batch Certification Scheme.

About Batch Certification Scheme

Besides the Product Certification scheme, businesses may arrange for batch certification of imported products. This is mainly for regulated items such as electrical products through the Consignment Laboratory of the Electrical and Electronics section. Our consignment service provides a quick and convenient solution for electrical product importers. After inspection and testing, products will receive SIRIM Labels indicating compliance with standards and regulations.

Benefits of Batch Certification Scheme

  • Quickly obtain SIRIM Labels for your imported product, (especially some of nova88 bet:the regulated item).
  • Demonstrate your products’ compliance with national or international safety standards.
  • Boost customer confidence in your products through the use of SIRIM Labels as marketing tools.
  • Cost-effective marketing tools for traders wanting to attempt selling the product in the Malaysian market.

Why SIRIM QAS International?

  • We have accreditation by  for the Product Certification Scheme against the ISO/IEC Guide 17065.
  • Our laboratories are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 by  and recognised by .
  • Our Electrical and Electronic Section is the appointed Certification Body Test Laboratory and National Certification Body under the IECEE CB Scheme.
  • Our highly experienced and professional auditors are competent in a wide range of sectors.

How to apply for Batch Certification Scheme?

  1. Receipt of Application
  2. Documentation Audit
  3. Inspection & Sampling
  4. Testing on Samples
  5. Approval
  6. Issuance of Labels
  7. Affix Labels
  8. Market Surveillance

Application Form

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