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Electric Vehicle Charging System (EVCS)

Electric Vehicle Charging System (EVCS)

Ensuring the Safety and Reliability of EVCS

About Electric Vehicle Charging System (EVCS)

The global transportation landscape is transforming remarkably as electric vehicles (EVs) revolutionise how we move. As the demand for electric mobility grows, ensuring the safety, reliability, and performance of Electric Vehicle Charging Systems (EVCS) becomes paramount. In this dynamic industry, manufacturers need a trusted partner to navigate for testing and certification process. At SIRIM QAS International, we have the technical expertise and equipment to inspect, test and certify your products to ensure they meet the required standards, providing manufacturers and consumers with peace of mind.

Benefits of Electric Vehicle Charging System (EVCS) Program

  • Gain EV owners’ confidence in the safety and reliability of EVCS.
  • Improve brand reputation and market access with the SIRIM Product Certification Mark displayed on your EVCS.
  • Ensure EVCS conforms to national and international standards.
  • Increase opportunities, and break into new markets as products are certified.
  • Update about potential risks and the industry’s latest requirements, including cyber security.
  • Assist in product development.

Why SIRIM QAS International?

  • We have accreditation by the  for the Product Certification Scheme, conforming with Guide 17065.
  • Malaysian regulatory agencies appoint us to provide independent assurance of products under their purview. 
  • Our highly experienced and professional auditors are competent in various sectors.

How to apply for Electirc Vehicle Charging System (EVCS) Program

  • Product Certification Scheme
  1. Enquiry
  2. Application
  3. Document Evaluation
  4. Factory Audit
  5. Sample Selection
  6. Testing (if applicable)
  7. Recommendation and Approval of Certificate
  8. Purchase SIRIM Security Label
  9. Surveillance Audit
  10. Market Surveillance 
  • Batch Certification Scheme
  1. Enquiry
  2. Application
  3. Document Evaluation
  4. Consignment Inspection Scheduling
  5. Sample Receiving
  6. Sample Selection and Testing
  7. Recommendation approval
  8. Issuance Batch Certification Report
  9. Purchase SIRIM Security Label
  10. Market Surveillance

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