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Electromagnetic Compatibility

Electromagnetic Compatibility

Ensure the ability of equipment or systems to function satisfactorily in the electromagnetic environment.

About Electromagnetic Compatibility Scheme

We offer electromagnetic compatibility certification to ensure products are safe and do not interfere with normal operations of other equipment. This certification applies to manufacturers, importers or exporters of electrical and electronic products.

We offer full comp༺liance testing Generic Emission Standards and Generic Immunity Standards. Not only that, we can assist you with 🦂research and development work and pre-compliance testing.

Benefits of Electromagnetic Compatibility Scheme

  • Increase acceptance of your electronic and electrical products within critical international markets such as the European Community (EU), the United States of America, Canada, Japan, Australia and Korea.
  • Demonstrate independent assurance that your product complies with Electromagnetic Compatibility requirements.
  • Provide independent assurance of testing following the accepted specification, test method and environment.

Why SIRIM QAS International?

  • Our laboratories have accreditation with ISO/IEC 17025 by  (STANDARDS MALAYSIA) against the National Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (SAMM).
  • , , Department of Health and other government departments recognise the validity of our tests.
  • Our EMC facilities have been listed as an approved test site by .
  • Our highly experienced and professional auditors are competent in a wide range of sectors.

How to apply for Electromagnetic Compatibility Scheme?

  1. Enquiry
  2. Application
  3. Submission of Test Items
  4. Product Testing
  5. Issuance of Test Report

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