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Fire Listing

Fire Listing

Meet your products into national or international on fire resistance.

About Fire Listing Scheme

The Fire Listing scheme certifies that products meet national or international standards on fire resistance. This applies to manufacturers of passive fire protection products, components and building materials. These products require approval based on their compliance with fire resistance tests.

Benefits of Fire Listing Scheme

  • Indicate to  and building designers that the components/products comply with required fire resistance properties.
  • Provide independent assurance to customers of the testing of products following correct specifications, test method and environment.
  • Provide independent assurance that the manufacturing of products is under an effective system of testing, supervision and control.
  • Utilise nova88 bet:SIRIM marks/labels as marketing tools to gain customer confidence in the quality and safety of your products.
  • Facilitate approval of your building materials by  based on the classification specified in the Uniform Building By-Law (UBBL).

Why SIRIM QAS International?

  • We have accreditation by  for the Product Certification Scheme against the ISO/IEC Guide 17065.
  • Our Fire Protection Section is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 by 
  • Our highly experienced and professional personnel are competent in a wide range of sectors.

How to apply for Fire Listing Scheme?

  1. Submission of Questionnaire
  2. Acceptance by Certification Panel
  3. Issuance of Quotation
  4. Submission of Application
  5. Document Review
  6. Factory Audit
  7. Sample Selection & Testing
  8. Recommendation & Approval
  9. Surveillance
  10. Renewal

Application form

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